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March 2015 Newsletter

“Ideas are emanations from the divine Mind…Ideas are spiritual, harmonious and eternal.” –Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Pg 88 Download this month’s newsletter: March Newsletter 2015
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February 2015 Newsletter

“Divine Love is the substance of Christian Science, the basis of its demonstration, yea, its foundation and superstructure. Love is greatly needed, and must be had to mark the way in divine Science.” MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS, PAGE 357:31 Download this month’...
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January 2015 Newsletter

“There is no excellence without labor; and the time to work, is now. Only by persistent, unremitting, straightforward toil; by turning neither to the right nor to the left, seeking no other pursuit or pleasure than that which cometh from God, can you win and wear the crown of the...
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